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Vizio Settles Class-Action Lawsuit Over Allegedly Deceptive TV Refresh Rate Marketing

Vizio, a leading TV manufacturer, has reached a $3 million settlement in response to a class-action lawsuit accusing the company of deceptive marketing practices related to the refresh rates of its TVs. The 2018 lawsuit alleged that Vizio's promotion of 120Hz and 240Hz "effective" refresh rates was misleading, leading the company to agree to the settlement, despite denying any wrongdoing. The terms of the settlement include financial compensation for validated claims and a commitment from Vizio to discontinue the disputed advertising practices.

As part of the agreement, Vizio will not only provide compensation for eligible claims but will also halt the advertising practices in question. Additionally, the company has committed to offering enhanced services and a limited one-year warranty to all members of the Settlement Class. To qualify for compensation, individuals who purchased a Vizio TV in California after April 30th, 2014, must submit a claim by the deadline of March 30th, 2024. Submitters will need to present evidence of ownership, such as proof of purchase or the TV's serial number, to validate their claims.

The lawsuit focused on the use of terms like "effective refresh rate" in TV marketing, referring to motion smoothing features designed to reduce motion blur. The contention was that such terminology could potentially mislead consumers into believing the TVs had a higher native refresh rate than they actually did. The settlement aims to address these concerns and bring clarity to Vizio's marketing practices regarding refresh rates, emphasizing transparency for consumers.


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