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Samsung's Upcoming Galaxy S24 Series May Introduce Wired Charger Duo 50W and Refreshed 45W Power Adapter, Leaks Suggest

Samsung is reportedly developing new chargers for the upcoming Galaxy S24 series, and leaked details suggest the introduction of a wired Samsung Charger Duo 50W. This charger is anticipated to feature two USB-C ports, enabling a maximum output of 45W with one port in use, and potentially 2x 25W when both ports are utilized. The model number for this charger is expected to be EP-T5020.

Additionally, Samsung is refreshing its existing Samsung 45W Power Adapter (EP-T4510) with a new model known as EP-T4511. While specific differences between the two models are not entirely clear, the new version is expected to retain a single USB-C port like its predecessor. The EP-T4510 supports USB PD 3.0 PDO (Power Delivery Object) and PPS (Programmable Power Supply), and the new EP-T4511 is not expected to introduce significant changes in this regard.

It's important to note that these chargers are likely to be sold separately, as Samsung, following the industry trend, no longer includes chargers in the box with its phones. The anticipated charging speeds for the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra, S24, and S24+ remain consistent with their 2023 predecessors, with the Ultra and Plus models supporting 45W charging and the standard S24 supporting 25W charging. The Charger Duo 50W, if confirmed, would offer users an additional option for faster wired charging.


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