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Samsung Develops 'Smart Sensing System' for Semiconductor Production

Samsung Electronics has initiated the development of its "Smart Sensing System," aiming to enhance yields and revolutionize semiconductor fabrication operations. The system is designed to monitor and analyze the production process in real-time, with a current focus on automating plasma uniformity handling. Samsung envisions fully unmanned semiconductor production facilities by 2030, and the Smart Sensing System is a crucial component in achieving this goal. The company plans to invest tens of millions of won in projects like smart sensors to support its long-term vision.

The primary objective is to make semiconductor fabs fully automated, eliminating the need for human labor. To accomplish this, Samsung recognizes the importance of developing systems capable of managing extensive data and optimizing equipment performance autonomously. The Smart Sensing System, particularly in its ability to handle plasma uniformity automatically, plays a pivotal role in realizing intelligent, fully automated fabs.

Currently, Samsung is directing efforts towards creating smart sensors that measure the uniformity of plasma on wafers. Accurate measurement and management of plasma uniformity are critical in processes such as etching, deposition, and cleaning during semiconductor manufacturing. The success of these processes significantly relies on plasma uniformity.

The development of the Smart Sensing System involved collaboration with partners and academic institutions, reflecting a collective effort to advance semiconductor fabrication capabilities. Notably, the sensors boast a compact design, ensuring compatibility with existing fabs without requiring additional space, a valuable asset in cleanroom environments.

A noteworthy aspect of this development is the production of the sensors within South Korea, signaling a shift from traditional reliance on foreign tools for advanced semiconductor processes. While Samsung still predominantly sources tools from abroad, the move to develop its smart sensing systems domestically represents a step towards reducing external dependencies.

Samsung Develops 'Smart Sensing System' for Semiconductor Production

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