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Google Meet Integrates Direct Dialing Features from Google Duo, Unifying Meetings and Calls in One Platform

Google Meet is undergoing a transition by integrating the legacy direct dialing functionality from Google Duo into its web version. This process started in 2022 when the URL underwent updates to incorporate the Google Meet branding, ultimately redirecting to The recent introduction of a "Calls" tab in the Google Meet web app is aimed at unifying the meeting and direct calling features of the service.

Previously, users had to navigate to for direct calls and for meetings, but the addition of the "Calls" tab simplifies this experience. The navigation drawer allows users to seamlessly switch between "Meetings" and "Calls." Google encourages users to "Make and get calls in Meet," emphasizing the ability to use Google Meet for both making and receiving calls. While the prompt suggests new functionality, it's a continuation of the direct calling feature that originated from the Google Duo era.

Notably, this change is currently available for personal Google Accounts, but not yet for Workspace accounts. However, a similar update was recently rolled out for Android and iOS in the enterprise version, indicating a broader integration effort across different platforms. On mobile devices, the Google Meet app, which was previously Google Duo, has already incorporated both meeting and direct calling functionalities.

The integration of direct calling features into Google Meet aligns with Google's strategy of consolidating its communication services. The company has been streamlining its messaging and calling apps to provide users with a cohesive and unified experience. This move reflects a broader trend in the tech industry where companies aim to offer seamless communication solutions by integrating various communication tools into a single platform. It also emphasizes the versatility of Google Meet, positioning it as not just a video conferencing tool but an all-encompassing communication platform that caters to both meetings and direct calls.


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