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Google Addresses Flutter's Scrolling Quirk with Upcoming Major Update, Introduces Default iOS-Compliant Behavior

Google is gearing up to address a long-standing quirk in its Flutter app development framework with the release of the upcoming major update. Flutter, designed to deliver a cohesive and native-like experience across diverse platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, macOS, and the web, has been grappling with a distinctive bug often dubbed "Flutter's shibboleth."

This particular bug pertains to scrolling behavior in Flutter-created apps. Unlike traditional Android or iOS applications where scrolling speed remains constant, Flutter apps exhibit varied speeds based on the number of touches or pointers. For instance, using two fingers results in double the scrolling speed, with additional touches further accelerating the scrolling pace.

Acknowledging this anomaly since the early stages of Flutter's development, the team has now embraced a comprehensive solution proposed by a contributor in October. This fix is set to become the default behavior for Flutter apps with the impending release of version 3.18, presently available for beta testing.

Looking ahead, the Flutter team aims to refine scrolling behavior to precisely align with iOS standards. The framework will seamlessly adapt to the appropriate scrolling dynamics based on the platform in use. For developers who prefer maintaining Flutter's current quick-scrolling gesture, the team has thoughtfully provided documentation on how to revert to the original scrolling style. This move underscores Google's commitment to continuously enhance the Flutter framework for developers seeking a seamless cross-platform development experience.


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