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WhatsApp Adopts Instagram-Like Reply Bar for Status Updates in Latest Beta

WhatsApp, under Meta's ownership, has been gradually integrating features across its platforms, aligning the user experience across WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook. Status updates are a common feature across these apps, and now WhatsApp is adopting another visual element from Instagram Stories to enhance the response to status updates.

In the latest WhatsApp beta version on Android and WhatsApp for iOS v23.15.10.72, beta testers have noticed a new Reply bar that is persistently displayed at the bottom of the screen when viewing WhatsApp status updates. This replaces the previous swipe-up gesture for initiating a reply. The new design aligns WhatsApp more closely with Instagram Stories, where the reply bar is also visible continuously.

The change raises questions about the location of emoji reactions in the new design. It is speculated that in line with Instagram's UI, emojis will appear as soon as users tap the Reply bar. This update is part of a series of changes to the status updates feature, including the addition of support for HD images and videos.

Moreover, recent developments indicate that WhatsApp is working on a feature that allows users to share their WhatsApp status updates directly as Instagram Stories with a single tap. This could be a step toward integrating the creative tools and stickers available on Instagram into WhatsApp, providing users with a more consistent experience across Meta's platforms.

While these changes are currently in beta testing and development, they highlight Meta's efforts to streamline and enhance the user experience across its suite of social media apps.

WhatsApp Adopts Instagram-Like Reply Bar for Status Updates in Latest Beta

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