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Tesla Cybertruck Introduces Bidirectional 'Powershare' for Mobile Charging and Home Power

Tesla has introduced a new "Powershare" feature exclusive to its upcoming Cybertruck, enabling vehicle-to-load charging capabilities. This functionality allows Cybertruck owners to utilize their electric truck as a mobile generator, powering camping equipment, tools, or even their entire home during a blackout. The Cybertruck comes equipped with a 240-volt outlet in the rear bed that can be utilized for charging other electric vehicles, exemplified by an image on Tesla's website showing the Cybertruck charging a Model Y.

The Cybertruck has a power output of up to 11.5kW, surpassing the Ford F-150 Lightning's 9.6kW onboard power and the GMC Sierra Denali EV's 10.2kW. Tesla's bidirectional charging capabilities have been in discussion for several years, with the company initially teasing the feature at its Battery Day event in 2020. Although competitors like Ford, GM, Hyundai, and Kia have since adopted bidirectional charging for their electric vehicles, Tesla CEO Elon Musk expressed skepticism earlier this year, suggesting that bidirectional charging might not be widely embraced due to potential issues like lights going out when unplugging the vehicle.

Bidirectional charging allows electricity to flow both ways between the electric grid and the electric vehicle, enabling electric vehicles to function as backup storage cells. This functionality goes beyond powering the vehicle itself and allows electric vehicles to charge other devices, supply energy to homes, or contribute power to the electrical grid for potential energy savings. Tesla's Powershare feature can be controlled through the company's mobile app, offering users the ability to monitor the charging process, adjust preferences, and review real-time energy usage and data.

For customers wishing to leverage the Powershare feature at home, a Tesla Powerwall and a Wall Connector are required for a seamless connection. The introduction of bidirectional charging capabilities in the Cybertruck underscores Tesla's ongoing commitment to innovation in electric vehicle technology.


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