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Microsoft's AI Copilot in Edge Browser Introduces Video Summarization Feature

Microsoft's AI Copilot in the Edge browser recently introduced a noteworthy feature, allowing users to generate text summaries of videos. However, the functionality comes with certain limitations as it is most effective with pre-processed videos or those equipped with subtitles. Mikhail Parakhin, Microsoft’s CEO of advertising and web services, clarified that the tool essentially summarizes the text transcripts of videos. While Copilot extends its capabilities to various Microsoft 365 applications, such as summarizing Teams video meetings and calls, it relies on the prior transcription of audio content by Microsoft.

One notable application of Copilot's video summarization feature is demonstrated through a user's ability to generate concise summaries of YouTube videos. In a video shared by designer Pietro Schirano, Copilot seamlessly summarizes a YouTube video about the GTA VI trailer, complete with highlights and timestamps.

However, it's important to note that Copilot's effectiveness is contingent on pre-processed videos or those with available subtitles. Parakhin addressed inquiries about Copilot's compatibility with publicly available videos, indicating that it "should work for most videos."

This development is part of the broader landscape of generative AI, where companies like Microsoft and Google are actively participating in the race to enhance capabilities. Google, for instance, recently updated its Bard chatbot's YouTube extension to include video content summarization. Both companies are exploring ways to leverage AI to summarize and extract meaningful information from video content.

Parakhin has been transparent about the ongoing evolution of Copilot, sharing updates and insights on social media. As the competition in the generative AI space continues to unfold, innovations like Copilot's video summarization feature highlight the advancements being made in the realm of artificial intelligence.

Microsoft's AI Copilot in Edge Browser Introduces Video Summarization Feature

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