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Leaked Features Reveal Samsung's One UI 6.1 Enhancements for Galaxy S24, Including AI Wallpaper Generator and Advanced Photo Editor

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 is expected to debut with One UI 6.1, and several features of the new user interface have been leaked, providing insights into the enhancements users can anticipate.

One notable addition is an AI-powered wallpaper generator. This feature allows users to input the subject's name and the background's name, generating a unique wallpaper based on the provided information. The lock screen will also incorporate portrait and weather effects, providing a personalized and dynamic visual experience.

The photo editor in One UI 6.1 introduces the ability to relocate objects through a drag-and-drop gesture. Users can select subjects or objects from one image and seamlessly place them into another image. This feature extends to expanding existing images in the gallery, allowing users to straighten pictures and the editor to fill in missing details. The photo editor supports undo and redo functionalities for various edits, such as drawings and stickers.

Samsung Notes in One UI 6.1 includes an auto-formatting feature for handwritten notes. Long notes can be summarized into easy-to-read bullet points, streamlining the organization and readability of extensive note-taking.

Additionally, One UI 6.1 incorporates a live translation feature for voice calls, facilitating real-time translation between languages for both participants in the call. This feature is powered by Samsung Gauss, the company's in-house large language foundational model.

Voice Focus, a feature already present in some mid-range and entry-level Samsung smartphones, is making its way to high-end phones with the One UI 6.1 update. This feature enhances call clarity by isolating and focusing on the user's voice.

One UI 6.1 introduces Adaptive Protection, a battery management feature that charges the phone's battery to 80% and resumes charging to 100% just before the user wakes up. This aims to optimize battery health and longevity. Another feature, Maximum Protection, limits battery charging to 80%, providing an option for users who prioritize battery longevity over maximum charge capacity.

These leaked features showcase Samsung's commitment to delivering a feature-rich and innovative user experience with the upcoming One UI 6.1, creating anticipation for its debut with the Galaxy S24 and potential subsequent releases for existing devices.

Leaked Features Reveal Samsung's One UI 6.1 Enhancements for Galaxy S24, Including AI Wallpaper Generator and Advanced Photo Editor

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