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Google Plans to Deprecate 'Driving Mode' in Google Maps for Android in February 2024

Google appears to be moving towards deprecating the remaining "Driving Mode" in Google Maps for Android, with strings found in the latest version of the Google app (version 14.52) indicating that the feature will be discontinued in February 2024. This move follows the discontinuation of the "Assistant Driving Mode Dashboard" in 2022, leaving users with an optimized UI within Google Maps for Android known as "Driving Mode."

The strings in the code suggest that the current "Driving Mode" in Google Maps will be going away in February 2024. Users will be directed to use the Assistant for functions such as calling, messaging, or playing media while navigating. The deprecation comes as part of Google's streamlining efforts, with a focus on the Maps Driving Mode, which offers quick access to Assistant, Google Maps, and a launcher for compatible music, podcast, audiobook, and streaming apps. This optimized media UI includes large touch targets for ease of use.

It's worth noting that the move to deprecate features like "Assistant Driving Mode" and the current "Driving Mode" in Google Maps has faced criticism, with users perceiving it as a downgrade. The discontinuation of these features aligns with Google's effort to streamline and prioritize certain experiences, but it also raises concerns among users who appreciated the functionality of the deprecated modes.

The Google Maps Driving Mode, which appears as a black bar at the bottom of the phone screen after starting driving navigation, offers users a simplified and optimized interface for a seamless driving experience. With the deprecation of the current "Driving Mode," users may be directed to use the Google Maps navigation mode as an alternative.

It's important to note that the strings describing the deprecation are currently not live, and it remains to be seen how users will respond to the changes once they are implemented.

Google Plans to Deprecate 'Driving Mode' in Google Maps for Android in February 2024

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