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Android Auto Introduces Feature Allowing Users to Sync Phone's Wallpaper to Car Display

Google has introduced a new feature for Android Auto users, allowing them to use their phone's wallpaper on the car's display. The feature, available in a new toggle, is enabled by default but can be turned off in the Android Auto settings. This capability is being rolled out independently of the app version, with users reporting its presence in the latest Android Auto 11.0 beta, although the necessary code has been present since version 10.7.

Named "Use phone's wallpaper in Android Auto," the feature is a straightforward yet effective addition. It syncs the wallpaper from the user's phone to the car's display behind the Android Auto app drawer. However, it's essential to note that the synchronized wallpaper will only appear behind the app drawer and not behind the dashboard view or other areas, limiting its overall utility.

There are some limitations to the feature. It only supports static images, excluding live wallpapers and specialized wallpapers from synchronization. For instance, AI wallpapers on Google Pixel 8 won't show up on Android Auto. In cases where a wallpaper can't be synced, Android Auto will display the last compatible wallpaper.

This feature is a notable enhancement to Android Auto, providing users with a personalized touch by extending their phone's wallpaper to the in-car display. In contrast, Apple's CarPlay currently lacks a similar capability. It's worth mentioning that Android Auto has removed its library of wallpapers, introduced in 2021, and replaced it with this new syncing option.

Android Auto Introduces Feature Allowing Users to Sync Phone's Wallpaper to Car Display

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