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Google Pixel 7a Review: Striking Affordability and Performance Harmony with 90Hz Display, Impressive Cameras, and Wireless Charging

The Google Pixel 7a strikes an excellent balance between affordability and performance. Priced at $499, it shares design elements with the Pixel 7 but offers a slightly smaller 6.1-inch OLED screen and a thermal-formed polycarbonate back, providing a familiar yet distinct feel.

In terms of performance, the 7a stands out with its 90Hz refresh rate on a full HD OLED display. Fueled by the Tensor G2 chip, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage, it delivers a smooth user experience. The phone handles everyday tasks and casual gaming admirably, offering a seamless scrolling experience and enjoyable gaming, even if it may not be the top choice for mobile gamers.

The camera setup is a highlight, featuring a new high-res 64-MP main camera at the back and a 13-MP selfie camera capable of 4K video recording. In comparisons with higher-end models like the Pixel 7 Pro and S23 Ultra, the Pixel 7a holds its own in terms of pure photo quality. Google's Super Res compensates for the absence of a dedicated telephoto lens.

Battery life is impressive, with the Pixel 7a lasting 17 hours and 41 minutes on a local video rundown test. The inclusion of Qi wireless charging support adds convenience, although charging speeds cap at 7.5 watts. The option for 18-watt wired charging is also available.

In conclusion, the Pixel 7a offers 95% of the Pixel 7's features at a $100 lower price point, making it a significant win for consumers. The phone's simplicity, wireless charging, a 90Hz display, and commendable camera performance contribute to its appeal.

Minor criticisms include the speakers, described as generally fine but somewhat shallow. Additionally, support for mmWave 5G requires an extra $50 and is exclusively available from Verizon. Despite these minor drawbacks, the Pixel 7a stands out as a compelling choice for users seeking a well-rounded device at an affordable price.

Google Pixel 7a: Striking Affordability and Performance Harmony with 90Hz Display, Impressive Cameras, and Wireless Charging

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