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WhatsApp to Include Chat Backups in Google Drive Storage Limit for Android Users in 2024

WhatsApp users on Android are set to experience a shift in their chat history backup system on Google Drive. The previous arrangement, where backups didn't impact a user's Google Drive storage, is undergoing a change. This adjustment will first reach beta users in December and gradually extend to all WhatsApp Android users in early 2024, effectively incorporating backups into the user's Google Drive storage limit. A proactive notification will precede this modification, appearing 30 days before the change in the Settings > Chats > Chat Backup menu.

This notification will serve as a heads-up for users, offering ample time to adjust and manage their storage accordingly. Notably, Google Drive provides 15GB of free storage across various services, including Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. For users approaching their storage limit, freeing up space will be essential to continue backups. WhatsApp's suggestion in such cases is to transfer chats to another Android device using WhatsApp Chat Transfer.

While this change may prompt users to reconsider their storage needs and potentially opt for Google One plans, Google has announced its intention to support users through the transition. Specifically, they plan to offer eligible users limited, one-time Google One promotions. These details, however, are yet to be fully disclosed, and users can anticipate more information from Google as the transition unfolds.


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