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Microsoft Extends Windows 11 Copilot Experience to Windows 10 Users

Microsoft has announced that it will extend the Windows 11 Copilot experience to Windows 10 users. This marks a shift in focus for Microsoft, which has primarily concentrated on Windows 11 updates. The move will bring AI capabilities to Windows 10 users, who will receive a settings toggle similar to Windows 11 for early access to the latest updates. The Copilot feature will be available to Windows 10 version 22H2 devices in preview through the Windows Insider Program, accessible by enrolling in the Release Preview channel through Windows Update. However, this is limited to unmanaged Windows 10 Home and Pro editions, with specific hardware requirements.

Copilot on Windows 10 will offer a familiar experience, resembling its Windows 11 counterpart, although there may be exceptions and limitations related to operating system features. Users can access Copilot by clicking on the taskbar icon, opening a chat window that doesn't interfere with open apps. The phased launch will utilize controlled feature rollout technology over the coming months. 

While Copilot extends to Windows 10, Microsoft emphasizes that the end of support for Windows 10 remains unchanged and is set for October 14, 2025. The company continues to provide updates and new features to both Windows 10 and Windows 11, ensuring a cohesive user experience across its operating systems.

Microsoft Extends Windows 11 Copilot Experience to Windows 10 Users


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