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PlayStation 5 Slim Unveiled: A Streamlined Design with Some Unconventional Choices

The new PlayStation 5 "slim" version has emerged, addressing the need for a more streamlined design compared to its bulky predecessor. Priced at $499.99 for the standard version and $449.99 for the Digital Edition, the slim PS5 claims a reduction in volume by "more than 30 percent," providing a more compact footprint.

In terms of aesthetics, the slim version introduces shorter white covers, a concave top curve, and panel lines dividing shiny and matte finishes. While the design appears more refined, some unconventional choices raise eyebrows. The disc drive protrudes noticeably, the absence of vent fins at the top gives a prototype-like impression, and the cat ear-shaped feet for horizontal positioning seem comical for an included stand. Interestingly, the vertical stand is now a separate $29.99 purchase, unlike the original PS5 with a convertible stand.

The slim PS5 introduces several improvements, including a boost to 1TB of built-in storage (from 825GB) and two front-facing USB-C ports instead of one USB-C and one USB-A. The eject button for the removable disc drive is now conveniently located, avoiding confusion with the power button.

However, certain decisions perplex users. The removable disc drive, while easily detachable or attachable without tools, raises questions about its necessity. Adding the drive to the Digital Edition increases the overall cost, with the Digital Edition now priced at $449.99 and the drive add-on at $79.99. Furthermore, setting up the disc drive requires an internet connection, potentially causing issues for those without immediate access.

Overall, the PS5 slim presents a somewhat perplexing mid-cycle refresh. Despite its smaller size, upgraded storage, and revised port arrangement, the update seems more beneficial to Sony than consumers, encouraging additional accessory purchases. For existing PS5 owners, there's little incentive to upgrade, and for new buyers, opting for the original "fat" PS5 might be a reasonable choice until the slim version becomes the sole option.


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