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IndiGo Introduces AI Chatbot '6Eskai' to Enhance Customer Service Experience

InterGlobe Aviation Limited, the parent company of IndiGo, has introduced an AI chatbot named 6Eskai to enhance its customer service experience. The internally developed AI chatbot has demonstrated promising early results, simplifying the booking process through natural language conversations and resulting in a 75% reduction in customer service agent workload.

The AI bot is equipped with an impressive 1.7 trillion parameters, allowing it to efficiently respond to a diverse range of commonly asked questions. The soft launch of 6Eskai has shown significant efficiency and effectiveness in reducing the workload of customer service agents. The chatbot, designed by IndiGo's data scientists, makes the booking process seamless by guiding customers through end-to-end journeys using natural language conversations.

In addition to simplifying bookings, the AI chatbot is programmed to mimic human behavior, respond to emotions, and even inject humor into interactions. The use of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT) and extensive prompt engineering has enabled the chatbot to provide a more human-like and engaging experience for users. This move aligns with the airline's commitment to leveraging technology to enhance customer service and streamline operations.


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