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HP Spectre Fold Review: A Cutting-Edge 17-inch Hybrid Laptop with Flexible OLED Display and Versatile Modes

HP has taken a bold step with its Spectre Fold, a cutting-edge device featuring a 17-inch, 2,560 x 1,920 OLED panel from LG that offers impressive brightness, color gamut, and minimal bezels. The Spectre Fold stands out with its flexible design, allowing users to switch between laptop mode, expanded mode (equivalent to one and a half screens), and a full 17-inch panel mode. The design includes a sleek kickstand that folds flush against the system and a neatly fitting keyboard that hides inside when closed. Weighing just 3.58 pounds and measuring 0.84 inches thick when closed, the Spectre Fold is thinner and lighter than competitors in its category.

HP's attention to detail extends to the keyboard, which automatically pairs during the system's initial boot, and its Bluetooth connection remains reliable. The Spectre Fold boasts two USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 4, positioned on opposite sides for accessibility in any mode, and includes a dongle for additional USB-A ports and an HDMI jack. The device features a sharp 5-megapixel webcam with Windows Hello support, but its orientation can be awkward depending on the laptop's mode. The Spectre Fold's processor, an Intel Core i7-1250U chip with 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD, may seem less sophisticated for its price, but it aligns with the system's thin design. The device impressively matches traditional ultraportables in battery life, lasting 10 hours and 29 minutes in laptop mode on PCMark10's Open Office rundown test.

While the $5,000 price tag may deter many, the Spectre Fold stands as a showcase of cutting-edge technology and design principles. HP's goal was not mass appeal but to demonstrate the potential of next-gen hybrid devices, and in that regard, the Spectre Fold succeeds. It is a sleek, flexible-screen laptop that showcases the capabilities of this technology, providing users with a unique and versatile computing experience. The challenge ahead is making such devices more affordable for a broader audience.


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