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Figma Introduces FigJam AI: A Suite of Generative AI Tools for Streamlined Design and Planning

Figma, a prominent player in the realm of product design applications, has unveiled FigJam AI, an innovative suite of generative AI tools integrated into its collaborative whiteboard service FigJam. FigJam AI is designed to streamline the creation of ready-to-use templates for common design and planning projects, minimizing the time spent on manual preparation and allowing designers to focus on more critical tasks.

FigJam AI, available in open beta starting November 7th, is being offered as "currently free" across all customer tiers during this phase. Figma's long-term plans regarding the pricing structure for FigJam AI are yet to be clarified.

The suite introduces a new "Generate" feature that suggests prompts for creating templates such as flowcharts, icebreakers, brainstorming sessions, and 1:1 meeting planners. Users can input their preferences in a text box, and the AI generates content based on these instructions. Default descriptions are also suggested by the AI, providing additional context for the generated content. Users have the flexibility to modify or delete sections of the generated projects, similar to the manual creation process.

FigJam AI includes a "Sort" function that automatically organizes virtual sticky notes into different groups based on key themes, adding structure to the whiteboard. Another feature, "Summarize," condenses information from groups of sticky notes into a single summary with a single click. These features complement Jambot, a ChatGPT-powered FigJam widget introduced in beta in August.

Figma co-founder and CEO Dylan Field stated in an interview that the company is exploring additional AI-related developments. The initial features of FigJam AI are considered a starting point, and the current beta utilizes OpenAI foundation models, which can potentially be replaced with other foundation AI models in the future.

The integration of AI into FigJam represents a strategic move by Figma to enhance its platform with impactful features, focusing on use cases where AI can deeply enrich the user experience across the Figma ecosystem. Field emphasized the importance of incorporating AI in ways that are most impactful rather than attempting to cover every conceivable use case.

Figma Introduces FigJam AI: A Suite of Generative AI Tools for Streamlined Design and Planning


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