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Epic Games Introduces Voice Reporting Feature in Fortnite to Uphold Community Standards

Epic Games is introducing a new voice reporting feature in Fortnite aimed at maintaining community standards. When activated, this feature, always on for users under 18 during voice chats, securely records the past five minutes of audio on a rolling basis. Epic emphasizes that it does not store voice recordings on its servers unless a report is filed, and audio beyond five minutes is automatically deleted.

When a user reports a conversation, the voice chat audio from the last five minutes is uploaded with the report and sent to Epic moderators for review. Reports are kept anonymous, and the captured clips are set to auto-delete after 14 days or the duration of any sanction imposed. If a user appeals a decision, Epic may retain clips for an additional 14 days. In cases where retention is necessary for legal reasons, the clips will be kept for as long as legally required.

For users aged 18 and above, there is an option to toggle voice reporting to "off when possible." This setting ensures the feature won't be available in parties with friends who have also disabled voice reporting. Users can also choose to turn voice chat off entirely, though this may not be ideal for those who wish to communicate easily with friends or other players in the game.

Epic's voice reporting feature aligns with similar tools offered by companies like Sony and Microsoft. Additionally, starting Thursday, Epic will display age ratings for all first and third-party playable content within Fortnite, a feature announced in October. These measures highlight Epic's commitment to fostering a safe and respectful gaming environment within Fortnite.


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