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Amazon Transcribe Expands Language Support to 100 Languages, Enhancing AI-Driven Transcription Services

During the AWS re: Invent event, Amazon Web Services (AWS) unveiled enhancements to its Amazon Transcribe product, expanding language support to 100 languages. Amazon Transcribe, which offers generative AI-driven transcription, now has the capability to recognize more spoken languages and facilitate call transcription for AWS customers. The expansion comes as part of AWS's efforts to offer a more inclusive and accurate transcription service by training Transcribe on "millions of hours of unlabeled audio data from over 100 languages."

Previously, as of late 2022, Amazon Transcribe supported 79 languages. With the updated language recognition, the accuracy of Amazon Transcribe is expected to improve, ranging from 20 to 50 percent across various languages. The service comes with features such as automatic punctuation, custom vocabulary, automatic language identification, and custom vocabulary filters. Amazon Transcribe can transcribe speech from both audio and video formats, even in noisy environments.

One notable application of Amazon Transcribe's capabilities is seen in the enhancement of Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics, a platform frequently used by contact centers. The Call Analytics platform, now powered by generative AI models, aims to summarize interactions between agents and customers. This development is expected to reduce post-call work, making it easier for managers to extract relevant information without going through the entire transcript.

While AWS faces competition in the AI-powered transcription space, with companies like Otter providing similar services, these improvements position Amazon Transcribe as a versatile and robust solution. Additionally, AWS announced additional features for Amazon Personalization, a product that enables clients to offer personalized recommendations based on user behavior. The new Content Generation feature is designed to create titles or email subject lines that thematically align with recommendation lists, enhancing the overall personalization experience for customers.

Amazon Transcribe Expands Language Support to 100 Languages, Enhancing AI-Driven Transcription Services

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