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X Empowers Users with Verified-Only Replies and Teases Premium Subscription Tiers

X has unveiled a new feature that empowers users to have more control over who can engage with their posts. With this update, X users can restrict replies to their posts exclusively to verified accounts, effectively blocking unverified accounts from participating in the conversation. This feature is a strategic move by X to enhance user experience by mitigating unwanted or abusive replies.

In addition to this, X is rumored to be in the works on premium subscription tiers that promise an ad-free environment for subscribers. An astute researcher named Aaron, who dissected X's app code, uncovered the existence of three potential premium tiers: Basic, Standard, and Plus. In this framework, Basic Premium users would continue to encounter full-fledged ads on the platform, whereas Standard users would experience a reduced volume of ads. The most enticing offering, Premium Plus, would provide users with an entirely ad-free X experience.

It is important to emphasize that X has yet to confirm these premium subscription tiers officially. As a result, users and enthusiasts eagerly await further clarification and official announcements. These prospective developments could pave the way for more user customization on X and a significant reduction in ad visibility for those who opt for premium subscriptions.


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