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Meta Introduces Privacy Controls on Instagram to Allow Users More Data Control

Meta Platforms, the company behind Instagram, has introduced new privacy measures aimed at allowing users to take more control over their data and prevent the platform from tracking their online activities. The feature, called "Activity Off-Meta Technologies," empowers Instagram users to halt data collection on their online activities. Users can also view a list of businesses that share their data with Meta and choose to disconnect or erase their accumulated information. These changes are part of Meta's efforts to address concerns about data handling and privacy agreements.

The Activity Off-Meta Technologies feature will allow users to manage how information sent to Meta by other businesses is connected to their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Users can review the businesses sharing data with Meta, disconnect specific ones to personalize their experience, or clear this data entirely.

In addition to the data tracking controls, Meta is enhancing the functionality of the Accounts Center. This update enables users to transfer their Instagram photos and videos to other platforms while simultaneously downloading data from both Facebook and Instagram. The Accounts Center serves as a centralized hub for streamlining the management of settings across multiple apps, allowing users to establish their preferences across all Meta's apps simultaneously. This provides a convenient option for users seeking consistent settings.

For users who prefer distinct settings for each app, the Accounts Center offers flexibility. It allows users to tailor settings for individual apps, offering a centralized but customizable approach to managing their privacy, security, and advertising preferences.

Meta's move to improve user privacy and data control comes in response to growing concerns about data privacy and user control over personal information. These changes aim to address these concerns while giving users more choice and transparency regarding their data and privacy settings on Instagram and other Meta platforms.


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