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Google's Pixel 8 Pro: Exploring the Infrared Temperature Sensor and Its Health Tech Potential

The Pixel 8 Pro's inclusion of an infrared temperature sensor is a notable addition to a flagship smartphone. This sensor has several potential applications, such as measuring the temperature of objects, including hot pans for cooking or checking the temperature of baby bottles. 

However, what sets this feature apart is Google's intention to seek FDA clearance for a Thermometer App, allowing it to measure and record body temperature. This move suggests that Google may be venturing into the realm of health and wellness monitoring, which aligns with the trend of incorporating health-related features into smart devices. 

In addition to fever detection, this technology could have applications in wellness tracking, sleep monitoring, and potentially even broader healthcare diagnostics. Compliance with FDA regulations is crucial, as body temperature data is considered medical information, and adherence to HIPAA standards ensures data privacy and security. 

While Google has not provided detailed information about its plans, the inclusion of an infrared temperature sensor in a flagship phone marks an intriguing step towards more comprehensive health and wellness integration in consumer technology.


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