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Fitbit App Redesign: Step Streaks and User Feedback Lead to Positive Changes

Google, the owner of Fitbit, has responded to user feedback by reinstating the step streak feature in the Fitbit app. The move comes in the wake of the app's recent redesign, which led to some user concerns, including the disappearance of step streaks.

In a Fitbit support blog, Google acknowledged the feedback from users who missed the step streak feature and expressed their love for it. As a result, Google is reinstating step streaks in both the iOS and Android versions of the app. Importantly, users won't lose their progress, as the steps they've already taken will count toward their streaks. Additionally, the mobile app will include celebration animations upon achieving goals, such as daily step targets.

The redesigned app, which drew mixed responses, incorporated elements of the Material You design language. Some users found the new design made certain aspects less readable. In response, Google has committed to enhancing the readability of the Today tab by reducing spacing and optimizing the layout.

The app's redesign aimed to allow users to choose a specific focus and showcase relevant metrics. While presets were initially the only option, Google is now allowing users to create and customize their own focus areas. Furthermore, users will have the ability to check the battery percentages of their devices directly in the Today tab.

This responsive approach to user feedback is significant for Fitbit owners who have experienced various challenges during Google's integration of Fitbit and its services into its ecosystem. Notably, Fitbit faced a second major server outage in less than a year, causing disruptions for users who recently acquired devices like the Google Pixel Watch 2 and Fitbit Charge 6. While such hiccups are less than ideal, Google's commitment to listening to user feedback is a positive step toward ensuring the successful transition and the continued satisfaction of Fitbit users.


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