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Apple AirTag 2 Production Delayed to 2025: Enhanced Integration and Upgrades Await

Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revised his earlier prediction regarding the mass production of the Apple AirTag 2. Initially expected to commence in Q4 2024, Kuo has now postponed this production timeline to 2025, although he has not provided a more specific timeframe.

Details about the AirTag 2 remain limited, but Kuo's insights suggest that the second-generation AirTag will feature enhanced integration with the Apple Vision Pro, forming a vital component of a spatial computing ecosystem. Additionally, the object tracker is anticipated to incorporate the U2 chip and several other upgrades, surpassing the capabilities of the first-generation AirTag introduced in 2021. The postponement of mass production may indicate that Apple is dedicating more time and resources to refining the features and functionality of the AirTag 2 before its release to the market.


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