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Apple's Upcoming iPad Lineup: New Models, Features, and Magic Keyboard Upgrade

Apple is gearing up to unveil a range of new iPad models in the coming months, all set to debut with iPadOS 17. While the exact release timeline isn't crystal clear, we do have insights into what to expect. First in line is a refreshed iPad mini, maintaining its familiar design but featuring upgraded internals for enhanced performance. 

Additionally, Apple is reportedly preparing two new iPad Air models, with one potentially being a larger or more advanced version compared to the standard iPad Air. These Air models are expected to retain the current design language. The entry-level iPad is also getting a boost, with the 11th generation sporting an updated chipset while sticking to its existing design. 

Furthermore, Apple is anticipated to release a new iPad Pro series powered by the M3 chip, available in multiple sizes as usual. Alongside these iPads, a new Magic Keyboard is rumored to make an appearance, promising an aluminum build, a larger trackpad, and additional sensors like an accelerometer. This revamped keyboard aims to further bridge the gap between the iPad and a traditional laptop. 

Stay tuned for official announcements from Apple for precise launch details.


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