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iPhone 12 Radiation Concerns in Europe: Updates and Responses

European countries, notably Belgium and France, have recently voiced concerns regarding potential breaches in radiation exposure limits associated with Apple's iPhone 12. While Belgium's preliminary findings provide some reassurance and do not mandate a recall, the nation is planning a more comprehensive evaluation to address any potential health-related concerns.

Meanwhile, France took the precautionary measure of temporarily suspending the sale of iPhone 12 models due to reported excessive electromagnetic radiation emissions. In response, Apple has committed to releasing a software update designed to mitigate these concerns. Italy is also considering requesting a similar update.

Apple maintains that their products do not pose a risk to public health, emphasizing that they adhere to rigorous testing protocols. Furthermore, the World Health Organization has stated that there are no established adverse health effects linked to the use of mobile phones. Nevertheless, these developments underscore the vigilance and scrutiny applied by regulatory bodies in the region to ensure the safety of consumer electronic devices.

iPhone 12 Radiation Concerns in Europe: Updates and Responses

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