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Google Launches Earthquake Alert System for Android Devices in India

Google has introduced an earthquake alert system specifically designed for Android devices in India. This collaborative effort between Google, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), and the National Seismology Center (NSC) harnesses the capabilities of smartphone sensors to efficiently detect seismic activity. The system delivers two distinct types of alerts:

  • "Be Aware": This alert is issued for moderate shaking, encouraging users to stay informed and prepared.
  • "Take Action": When the system detects stronger shaking, a more urgent "Take Action" alert is issued, urging immediate safety measures. It can override phone settings to ensure users receive these crucial notifications.

The primary goal is to provide timely and potentially life-saving warnings to Android users across India, a country prone to seismic activity. With the option to enable these alerts on Android devices, Google reaffirms its commitment to using technology and collaboration to enhance disaster preparedness and response in regions susceptible to earthquakes and other natural disasters. This system builds on Google's earlier initiatives, such as flood alerts in India, demonstrating its dedication to assisting local authorities and the public in tackling natural disasters effectively.


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