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OpenAI's ChatGPT reported for major outage as users were unable to load their chat history or start new conversations

OpenAI's popular product, ChatGPT, has encountered recent outages, a relatively common occurrence for services that operate around the clock. These interruptions can arise from various sources and, for an entity offering continuous service, managing such situations is standard procedure. OpenAI has been prompt in recognizing the issue and is actively engaged in the process of restoring normal service.

The timeframe for resolving the outage hinges on the specific nature and severity of the problem, and the OpenAI team is diligently working to address it and minimize service disruptions. To stay informed about the latest developments and updates from OpenAI regarding this issue, you can refer to their dedicated status page at This will provide real-time information on the situation and the progress being made to rectify it, ensuring users are kept well-informed.

For latest updates from the company you can try checking their status page at

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  1. I was just about to complete an essay and then it suddenly stopped generating, I tried clearing the cache and even restarting the device but nothing helped and now I have come to know that it's a worldwide outage

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