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Apple to Discontinue Social Media Customer Support via X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, and Forums: Changes Coming October 1st

Apple is reportedly phasing out its customer support services offered through social media platforms like X (previously Twitter), YouTube, and the Apple Support Community forum. The move involves the removal of roles for social media support advisors, including the paid community specialist position. This change will impact around 150 employees, who might be given the option to transition to phone-based support roles. The alterations are expected to commence on October 1st. Users reaching out for assistance on X will be guided to other support channels through automated messages. Additionally, Apple will halt customer support engagement in YouTube comments within the Apple Support channel.

The rationale for these changes remains unclear, although it might be linked to cost-cutting measures, efficiency considerations, or a shift toward prioritizing official company platforms. This trend aligns with actions taken by other tech companies like Sony and Netflix, which have scaled down their social media-based customer support in favor of other approaches.


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