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iPhone SE 4 rumored to feature USB Type C Port alongside built in Face ID

iPhone SE is has been famous for being a entry point at affordable price for users who want to enter Apple's eco system but have a limited budget. The following SE series provides limited features and small display size compared to other iPhones, From the previous past years iPhone SE series demand in the market of electronics consumers have dipped below average as people find it not valuable at the price it is available to buy and what features and specifications it brings along it. So maybe now Apple finally looked into making some reasonable changes to the iPhone SE series which haven't been made from the past 3 previous versions. These so called reasonable changes are still rumored to be featured in the final product. 

Moreover the rumored features include the introduction of USB Type C to the iPhone SE 4 alongside with built in Face ID feature which hints that maybe the iPhone SE series will no longer feature fingerprint sensors. These new upgrades will also result in changing of design of the iPhone SE series which will be more similar to a regular iPhone. These new upgrades will mark the rise in demand of iPhone SE series after the release of iPhone SE 4.

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