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Wear OS 3 based smartwatches gets a dedicated app for WhatsApp

WhatsApp has unveiled its dedicated app for Wear OS 3 smartwatches, offering users an improved messaging experience on their wrists. Previously in beta testing, the app is now available for download on the Google Play Store, catering to users with devices like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, Fossil Gen 6, and Google Pixel Watch. To get started, users need to download the app and link it to their WhatsApp Messenger on their Android smartphones. 

Once connected, they can access features such as viewing recent chats, replying to messages through voice, dictation, or typing, playing back voice messages, sending reactions, receiving and responding to notifications, and more, all directly from their smartwatches. Additionally, users can set up WhatsApp notifications on their Wear OS devices for a more immersive messaging experience. 

This release comes as part of WhatsApp's efforts to extend its functionality and accessibility to different platforms, catering to users who prefer the convenience of using their smartwatches for quick messaging interactions.


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