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Google Releases Android Auto v10 with Refreshed Google Assistant UI

Google has recently rolled out Android Auto v10, and while the version number suggests significant changes, the update primarily focuses on refreshing the Google Assistant UI. This latest release comes almost a year after Google's announcement of a major Android Auto redesign, codenamed 'Coolwalk,' which aimed to enhance the user experience, particularly on larger infotainment displays.

The standout feature in Android Auto v10.0 is undoubtedly the revamped Google Assistant interface. Instead of the previous design, which displayed Google Assistant at the top of the screen with a black bar and the Assistant logo, the new UI incorporates a glowing bar at the bottom. This design is reminiscent of how Google Assistant appears on Android smartphones, adding a modern touch to the in-car experience.

Interestingly, while the update introduces this new look to Android Auto, it remains unclear whether this change is solely tied to the app's new version or if it could also be delivered via a server-side update from Google. In either case, the refreshed Google Assistant UI brings consistency to how the voice assistant is presented across various Google platforms and devices.

However, beyond the visual overhaul, Android Auto v10 does not appear to introduce any other major features or functionalities. Users shouldn't expect significant alterations in terms of performance or additional capabilities beyond the redesigned Google Assistant interface.

It's important to note that Android Auto updates tend to be rolled out gradually, and not all users may receive the latest version immediately. Google typically takes a cautious approach to deploying updates, ensuring they are stable and bug-free before reaching a broader user base. As a result, it might take some time for Android Auto v10 to become available to all users.

Overall, while Android Auto v10 may not bring groundbreaking changes, the refreshed Google Assistant UI is a welcome addition, providing a more modern and consistent user experience for those using Android Auto in their vehicles. As Google continues to refine and expand its automotive technology, users can expect further updates and improvements to enhance their driving experience.


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