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Microsoft Phases Out Cortana as Standalone App in Windows, Shifting Focus to AI Tools

Microsoft is discontinuing support for Cortana as a standalone app in Windows, signaling a shift in its approach to digital assistants. This move, while expected, is significant as Cortana has been a part of Windows since 2015, initially offering voice-activated features like setting reminders and answering questions. Over the years, its prominence has waned, especially with the release of Windows 11, where it lost its place in the taskbar.

Microsoft's new focus is on its Windows Copilot tool, an AI-driven feature designed to perform tasks similar to those once handled by Cortana. These tasks include content summarization, text rewriting, system settings adjustments, and more. While Microsoft hasn't specified an exact date for Cortana's removal from Windows, it's clear that the company is prioritizing its growing suite of AI tools, including Bing chatbot and Microsoft 365 Copilot.

Cortana won't completely disappear, though. Microsoft plans to maintain its presence in specific applications such as Outlook mobile, Microsoft Teams mobile, Teams display, and Teams rooms. However, the future of Cortana in these platforms remains uncertain. This move reflects Microsoft's evolving strategy in the digital assistant and AI space, where it's repositioning its resources and focusing on AI-powered solutions integrated into its products and services.

Microsoft Phases Out Cortana as Standalone App in Windows, Shifting Focus to AI Tools

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