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Zoom's Vision Pro App to Launch Alongside Apple's New Headset on February 2nd

Zoom's Vision Pro app is set to launch alongside Apple's new headset on February 2nd, offering users the ability to leverage a digital avatar, known as a "persona," during video calls. This persona is based on face scans, allowing facial expressions and hand movements to be transmitted to the recipient as if the wearer isn't using a headset, similar to Apple's FaceTime app for the Vision Pro.

In addition to providing a seamless video call experience, the Zoom app will utilize the Vision Pro's augmented reality capabilities, enabling it to blend into users' physical surroundings while appearing as a floating window. These features will be accessible when the app debuts with the headset on February 2nd.

Zoom has plans to introduce more features to the app later in the spring, including a concept called "real-world pinning." This feature aims to enhance the immersive nature of calls by allowing Vision Pro users to pin up to five Zoom meeting participants in their physical space while removing the backgrounds.

Furthermore, the videoconferencing app intends to incorporate 3D object sharing, enabling users to share and view 3D files in their real-world environment. Zoom also plans to integrate its Slack competitor, Team Chat, into the Vision Pro app.

While Apple has announced native Vision Pro apps for streaming services like Disney Plus, HBO Max, Paramount Plus, and Peacock at launch, some notable services, such as Netflix and YouTube, are absent from the initial lineup. Users of these services will need to access them through a web browser, resulting in a less immersive experience compared to native apps.


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