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Tesla Unveils Upgraded 2024 Model 3 with Interior and Exterior Enhancements

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Tesla has introduced its 2024 Model 3 to the North American market, following its initial launch in Europe, China, and the Middle East. The latest iteration of the Model 3 brings a range of interior and exterior upgrades. Inside, the sedan features an eight-inch rear display controlling infotainment and climate functions, while the front 15-inch display boasts increased brightness and a thinner bezel. The interior enhancements include ventilated front seats, a more sophisticated material choice, and an upgraded audio system with up to 17 speakers. Acoustic glass has been incorporated throughout for a quieter driving experience, and ambient lighting is now customizable.

Externally, Tesla has redesigned the Model 3, integrating fog lights and indicators into the main headlights and optimizing the front design for maximum aerodynamics by eliminating the front bumper. The rear lights are now fully connected, and the company introduced two new color options: Ultra Red and Stealth Grey. In terms of performance, the 2024 Model 3 is available in two variants: the Real Wheel Model 3, maintaining a 272-mile range, and the Long Range Model 3, with a slightly increased EPA-estimated range of 341 miles.

Tesla's response to a new US government regulation on accurate range testing is notable, with the company lowering many listed driving ranges accordingly. The Real Wheel Model 3 starts at $38,990, with leasing options available at $329 per month, while the Long Range Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Model 3 is priced at $45,990 or $439 per month for leasing. 

Interested customers can place orders now, with estimated deliveries scheduled for January or February. Tesla's ongoing commitment to refining its vehicles, evident in the 2024 Model 3, reinforces its position in the electric vehicle market.


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