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Samsung Unveils 'Circle to Search,' Google Collaboration for Gemini-Powered Apps, and AI Samsung Notes Assist with Galaxy S24 Series Launch

In a groundbreaking revelation during the live launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series, users can now seamlessly explore the web with the all-new "Circle to Search" feature. This innovative functionality allows users to circle, scribble, or tap on any item within an image, triggering a Google search for the selected item, enhancing the overall user experience.

Another noteworthy partnership comes to light as Google and Samsung join forces to integrate Gemini-powered apps exclusively for the Galaxy S24 devices. This collaboration is poised to bring a new dimension to user interactions, leveraging the power of Gemini technology to enhance the overall functionality and capabilities of the Galaxy S24 Series.

Samsung introduces the AI Samsung Notes Assist during the Galaxy S24 Series launch, revolutionizing the way users interact with their notes. With this AI-powered feature, users can effortlessly convert their notes into concise summaries and key highlights, streamlining the process of extracting essential information from their written content. This marks a significant step forward in simplifying note-taking and information retrieval on the Galaxy S24 Series.

'Circle to Search' with Google

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