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Samsung to partner with Baidu to power its Galaxy AI features in China

Samsung Galaxy S24 series was recently launched in China, and as per the reports from CNBC Samsung is looking forward to partnering with Baidu to power its Galaxy AI features. There seems to be no mention of Google whose Gemini model is used by Samsung to power its Galaxy AI features worldwide instead Samsung will be relying on Baidu's Ernie to power the same features.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Advanced Intelligence menu in Settings

For an overview, the features that were mentioned in the US-based launch still remain the same. It's just the AI model that runs behind these AI features that is getting replaced in China-based region S24 series devices.

As for the capabilities of Baidu's Ernie, it can easily summarize long content into an organized format with just a click of a button, according to the statement published by CNBC.

This whole change to the AI model is mainly due to the lack of Google's or limited presence in China. Even though the market of Android phones in China is quite large it still isn't enough to increase Google's presence, as Android phones sold there don't come with Google Apps and Services pre-installed. For Samsung, China's smartphone market is important to capture as Samsung Didn't even qualify in the top 10 list of smartphone brands of China in 2023.


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