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Samsung Set to Unveil Galaxy S24 Series: What to Expect

Recalling whether there was ever a genuine lull in the weeks sandwiched between CES and MWC remains a hazy memory, perhaps a narrative crafted to soften the impact of a hardware season that now spans almost a year. It seems that the era of prominent companies reserving major announcements for grand events is mostly a thing of the past.

In a bygone era, Samsung strategically divided its significant early-year reveals between CES (featuring TVs, monitors, and appliances) and Mobile World Congress (showcasing phones, tablets, and possibly wearables). However, several years ago, the company shifted its major mobile flagship announcements to a standalone event, closely linked to MWC.

Contrary to the traditional timeline, this year's initial Samsung Unpacked event returns to the U.S. West Coast less than a week after CES. Fortunately, amidst the unpredictability of event schedules, the devices set to be disclosed at the event remain somewhat foreseeable. Tomorrow at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET, Samsung is scheduled to unveil its latest flagship, the Galaxy S24, a fact we can state with near absolute certainty.

Given that it's Samsung, we also have a fair understanding of the device itself, thanks to a steady stream of releases. As usual, the Ultra variant will take center stage with its hefty price tag. Here's a glimpse of what we believe we know:

  • A new flatter display
  • Another four-camera array, though the 10x telephoto has been halved
  • A titanium frame reminiscent of the iPhone 15

Undoubtedly, AI will be a focal point of tomorrow's event. The company is anticipated to integrate some form of third-party generative AI on-device. By the conclusion of 2024, it's foreseeable that nearly every major Android handset will incorporate some version of this technology, showcasing Samsung's foresight in this domain.

One specific AI feature we've caught wind of is Google's new "Circle to Search" function, aiming to enhance the accessibility of search engine access.

Additionally, Samsung is likely to announce the standard S24 and S24+ models. There's also speculation about potential additional hardware in the lineup, adding an element of anticipation to the event.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in grey color

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