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Samsung Announces Galaxy AI Features Free Until 2025, Suggesting Potential Shift to Subscription Model

Samsung has confirmed a significant shift in its approach to Galaxy AI features, revealing that the services introduced with the Galaxy S24 series will only be available for free until the end of 2025. TM Roh, the President of Samsung's mobile division, shared this information in an interview with ET Telecom. While acknowledging various consumer needs for mobile AI, Roh emphasized the possibility of more powerful AI features in the future that might require a subscription.

In the interview, Roh indicated that Samsung has identified different consumer segments—some content with free AI capabilities and others seeking more advanced features and willing to pay for them. The company plans to consider these diverse needs before deciding on the availability of AI features beyond 2025. This suggests a potential shift toward a subscription model for certain enhanced AI functionalities.

On the official Galaxy S24 series page, disclaimers specify that Galaxy AI features will be offered for free until the conclusion of 2025 on supported devices. Samsung's commitment to making these features accessible is highlighted, but the company has not disclosed its plans for these services beyond the specified timeframe.

In response to inquiries, Samsung clarified that it aims to provide Galaxy AI features for free until the end of 2025 on supported devices, with potential variations in terms of AI features from third-party providers. This indicates that specific AI features, like Circle to Search powered by Google's Gemini model on the Galaxy S24 series, may remain free even if Samsung introduces charges for other advanced AI capabilities on its smartphones.

This shift in Samsung's strategy suggests a nuanced approach to monetizing advanced AI features, balancing the provision of essential services for free while offering a premium tier for users seeking more powerful capabilities. As AI continues to play a crucial role in enhancing smartphone functionalities, Samsung's decision reflects an evolving landscape where companies explore sustainable business models for delivering advanced technological services to consumers.

Galaxy AI Features Will Be Free Until 2025

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