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Narwal Freo Review: Great Mopping, Disappointing Vacuuming

The Narwal Freo robot vacuum offers a range of features, but the review suggests it falls short in some key areas. While its mopping performance is praised, with oscillating mop heads effectively cleaning lighter dirt, spots, and grime, the vacuuming performance is criticized. It reportedly fails to pick up debris effectively on both carpeted and hard floors, leaving behind hair, crumbs, and dirt.

The design of the base station is noted for its LCD touchscreen control panel, providing an alternative to app control. However, the omission of an auto-emptying dustbin is considered a significant drawback, especially given the high retail price.

The Narwal app is commended for being easy to use, and the ability to save up to four maps makes it suitable for multi-level homes. Users can adjust vacuum settings, check component status, schedule cleanings, and more.

Battery life is a strong point, with the 5,200mAh battery lasting over three hours, making it one of the best in terms of battery performance among robot vacuums.

In terms of value, the Narwal Freo is positioned at the higher end of the market. While its features help justify the cost to some extent, the lack of an auto-emptying dustbin is highlighted as a surprising limitation.

In conclusion, the Narwal Freo is recommended for homes with lighter cleaning needs, particularly due to its excellent mopping capabilities. However, its vacuuming performance is criticized, making it less suitable for homes with more debris, such as those with pets or children. The high price is justified by features like self-cleaning oscillating mops and an LCD touchscreen, but the absence of an auto-emptying dustbin is highlighted as a surprising limitation.


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