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Motorola Unveils Plans for 2024, Teases Upgraded Razr, X-Series, S-Series, and G-Series Phones

In an announcement on Weibo, Chen Jin, General Manager of Lenovo China Mobile Phone Business, has unveiled Motorola's plans for its product lineup in China for 2024. While 2023 saw fewer product releases from Motorola, with notable launches like the Razr 40, Razr 40 Ultra, and Moto G34 5G in China, Chen Jin highlighted the significant success of the Moto Razr lineup in China and the global market during the year.

Acknowledging the anticipation for new Moto products and the desire for continuous improvement and exciting innovations, Chen Jin revealed the brand's focus on restructuring product planning and pacing in response to the opportunities and challenges presented by folding screens and AI large models in the mobile phone industry.

Looking ahead to 2024, Motorola aims to unveil a more impressive design and enhanced AI interaction for the new Razr. The X-series imaging flagship is expected to integrate new capabilities in large AI language models, while the S-series and G-series will undergo comprehensive enhancements. The company envisions 2024 as the year when it will reveal its complete product range.

Additionally, there is speculation that the X-series and S-series flagship phones may be rebranded as Edge-branded models for the global market. After a year of silent focus on accumulation and adjustment in 2023, Motorola is gearing up for a new journey in 2024, with a commitment to delivering valuable products to users.


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