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Microsoft Integrates GPTs into Free Version of Copilot, Enhancing AI Capabilities for All Users

Microsoft has unveiled the inclusion of GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) in the free version of Microsoft Copilot, a feature powered by ChatGPT. Unlike some premium features, GPTs won't be exclusive to the Pro subscription; instead, they are being rolled out to the general public. Users won't need a Microsoft account or Edge browser to access these GPTs, enhancing their inclusivity.

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GPTs within Copilot serve various purposes, allowing users to harness their capabilities for fitness, designing, cooking, and more. In the current phase, GPTs offer basic modules, providing a taste of their potential functionalities. It's worth noting that these modules are designed to be more optimized for specific topics. For example, the Designer GPT, when selected, leverages DALL-E 3 to generate creative images, showcasing its specialization in creativity.

GPTs are not mere prompt engineers; they come with additional sets of instructions, extra knowledge, and a combination of skills, making them more versatile and powerful. Microsoft is currently testing several GPTs in Copilot, each catering to different user needs. These include Copilot (balancing AI and the web), Designer (creating images from words), Vacation Planner (for travel-related assistance), Cooking Assistant (finding, planning, and cooking meals), and Fitness Trainer (offering fitness programs and wellness tips).

The introduction of GPTs in Copilot enhances the platform's capabilities, providing users with more personalized and tailored results. Microsoft plans to expand its offering of GPTs in the coming weeks, aiming to cover a broader spectrum of user interests and requirements. The move towards democratizing access to advanced AI features is evident in Microsoft's decision to make GPTs available to all Copilot users, regardless of their subscription level.

For those subscribed to Copilot Pro, Microsoft offers additional customization features through a GPT builder. This allows users to build and customize their Copilot GPTs, providing a more tailored and personalized experience. The Copilot Pro subscription further offers access to GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo, ensuring users have a seamless and enhanced experience.

Microsoft's strategy is clear in making advanced AI capabilities more accessible to a wider audience. By incorporating GPTs into Copilot's free version and offering customization features in the Pro subscription, Microsoft aims to cater to diverse user needs and preferences, fostering a more inclusive AI ecosystem.

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