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Microsoft and OpenAI Considering Up to $500 Million Investment in Figure AI Inc., a Leading Humanoid Robotics Startup

Earlier this month, 1X Technologies AS, a Norwegian AI robotics startup backed by OpenAI, successfully raised $100 million in funding. Now, Microsoft Corp. and OpenAI are reportedly in discussions about a potential investment of up to $500 million in Figure AI Inc., indicating the growing interest in humanoid robots.

Under the proposed arrangement, Microsoft is expected to contribute approximately $95 million, while OpenAI plans to invest $5 million. If finalized, this deal could value Figure AI at around $1.9 billion before the new funding injection, potentially making it a unicorn depending on the final amount raised.

It's crucial to note that the funding round is still ongoing, and details, including investment amounts, may undergo changes. Figure AI is at the forefront of developing an AI-powered humanoid robot called Figure 01, designed to closely resemble and move like a human. The primary goal of this robot is to perform hazardous jobs that may not be suitable for humans, thereby addressing labor shortages in specific industries.

In a previous funding round last May, Figure AI secured $70 million, with Parkway Venture Capital leading the investment. The company's CEO, Brett Adcock, has expressed ambitious plans for Figure AI to be a trailblazer in launching practical and commercially viable humanoid robots.

The Figure 01 humanoid robot is designed to be a versatile machine with the capability to think, learn, and interact with its environment. It aims to support the global supply chain and alleviate labor shortages by handling structured and repetitive tasks. Initially intended for deployment in the workforce, the robot holds the potential for applications in various industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, and retail. The ongoing discussions with Microsoft and OpenAI indicate the growing recognition of Figure AI's potential in shaping the future of humanoid robotics.


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