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Meta Removes Chromecast Support for Quest VR Headsets in Recent Update

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has recently implemented a software update for its Quest VR headsets, specifically the Quest 3, that removes support for Chromecast. This change has been noted by users who can no longer find Chromecast devices in their homes under the casting menu on the VR headset. The update, known as firmware version 60.0, has led to confusion and frustration among users who relied on the Chromecast feature to mirror content from their Quest VR headsets to external displays.

The removal of Chromecast support is not attributed to a hardware or software-related issue, as Meta's official documentation now explicitly states, "Chromecast is not fully supported with Meta Quest." Instead, users are now directed to cast the VR headset's feed to a smartphone or computer and then mirror that device's screen to a Chromecast device if they want to share their VR experiences on a larger screen.

While the change seems to affect primary accounts, some users have reported that other accounts on the headset still have the option to mirror the feed on Chromecast devices. The exact reasons behind Meta's decision to remove Chromecast support remain unclear. Some users speculate that the functionality may have had issues, such as crashes and freezes, prompting Meta to disable it. However, Meta has not provided specific details or explanations for the removal of Chromecast support.

The Quest VR headsets, known for their immersive virtual reality experiences, gained popularity in part due to the convenience of casting content to external displays like Chromecast. This allowed users to share their VR experiences with friends and family in a more accessible and social manner. As the company evolves its VR platform, users will be watching closely for further updates, improvements, or potential alternatives for casting and sharing content beyond the headset's internal display.


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