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Instagram Tests 'Flipside' Feature for Private Sharing on Secondary Profiles

Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature called 'Flipside,' as confirmed by Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, on Threads. In response to a user's request to introduce the feature to Threads, Mosseri mentioned that the testing phase would initially involve select Instagram users, though it remains uncertain if the feature will be made publicly available.

Mosseri expressed both sides of the consideration for introducing Flipside, highlighting the appeal of creating a clear and more private space on one hand and acknowledging potential challenges, such as reaching a smaller audience in addition to secondary accounts and Close Friends, on the other. The decision to launch the feature on Instagram will depend on user responses during the testing phase, allowing for iterative improvements based on feedback.

Flipside is an experimental feature designed to transform a user's secondary and more private Instagram profile, often referred to as "finstas," into a new component within their primary account. Meta, Instagram's parent company, confirmed the ongoing testing of this feature, describing it as a tool that enables users to create a custom profile with a unique name, bio, and photo. Users can then share exclusive content with a more limited group of followers, providing additional options for sharing in private spaces.

Meta emphasized its awareness of users' desire for more sharing options in private settings and expressed excitement about testing the new feature. The company indicated that Flipside had been under development as an internal prototype last year, and now, with the official confirmation, a beta version is expected to roll out to select users in the coming weeks.

The introduction of Flipside aligns with broader industry trends toward enhancing user privacy and offering more customizable and private sharing experiences. As social media platforms evolve, features like Flipside aim to cater to users' preferences for distinct and controlled spaces for sharing content with specific groups, reflecting a continuous effort to adapt platforms to user expectations and behaviors.

Instagram Tests 'Flipside' Feature

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