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Huawei HarmonyOS Ecosystem Event to Showcase Innovation and Native App Development Strategies

Huawei is gearing up for its HarmonyOS ecosystem event named "Hongmeng Eco Thousand Sails Sailing Ceremony" scheduled for January 18 in China. Contrary to expectations of a new HarmonyOS version, the event will emphasize future innovation strategies and showcase advancements in native app development for HarmonyOS. Attendees can experience the existing HarmonyOS ecosystem and interact with key executives to gain insights into Huawei's vision for the future of HarmonyOS.

The event will take place across eight major Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Xiamen, Wuhan, and Changsha, ensuring broad accessibility. Huawei aims to foster connections with potential partners, explore business opportunities, and offer a platform for interaction with executives.

While HarmonyOS NEXT is anticipated to debut in the first half of 2024, notable Chinese companies such as iQiyi, Alipay, Meituan, MiHoYo, Bilibili, and Amap have already committed to developing native applications for the upcoming version. Wu Hao, CEO of Huawei Interactive Media Corps and President of Huawei Terminal Cloud Service Interactive Media BU, announced that over 700 million devices are now part of the HarmonyOS ecosystem. Huawei's collaborations span various sectors, including gaming, social media, travel, business, and hospitality, with a focus on native app development in 18 different fields.

A report by TechInsights predicts that HarmonyOS will surpass Apple's iOS as the second most popular smartphone operating system in China by 2024, signaling Huawei's growing influence in the domestic market.

Huawei HarmonyOS Ecosystem Event to Showcase Innovation and Native App Development Strategies

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