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HP ZBook Firefly G10 A Review: A Suitable Business Laptop with Options for Different Workflows

HP's ZBook Firefly G10 series emerges as a versatile lineup within the ZBook range, catering to enterprises with diverse needs for graphical and data processing workloads. Positioned as an entry-level segment, the ZBook Firefly G10 offers configurations with various CPUs and GPUs, making it suitable for a range of professionals, from regular office workers to creatives with lighter workloads.

The pricing for the ZBook Firefly G10 starts at $1,769, featuring an Intel Core i5-1340P CPU, 16GB of RAM, and integrated Iris Xe Graphics (or Nvidia RTX A500 in the UK). However, this pricing may seem steep for the US and Australia, considering the device's capabilities targeted at professional use lasting 3 to 5 years. The entry-level FullHD+ screen with 250 nits brightness and poor 45% NTSC color reproduction may limit its suitability for serious creative work.

For users requiring more powerful workstations, HP offers a range of devices, including the G10 with an Intel Core i7-1365U CPU, 64GB RAM, and Nvidia RTX A500 GPU, priced at $4,549. These devices are equipped with vPro-compatible Intel chips and Windows 11 Pro OS, providing tools and security features essential for business fleets managed by IT departments.

While not competitive as consumer or home-work devices, HP's ZBook range shines for businesses seeking convenient fleet setup, monitoring, and hardware service care. Additionally, businesses can opt for additional IT support for three years at $117.

The ZBook Firefly G10 A, featuring an AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 7640 CPU, 16GB RAM, and AMD Radeon 760M integrated GPU, was tested, priced at $2,017. The device's design is described as vanilla, lacking a cohesive concept due to numerous configuration options. It targets the creator market, but some models with lower specs may not be suitable for creative work.

In terms of performance, the tested AMD version offers conservative performance, competent for basic office tasks, web browsing, and light photo editing. For heavier graphical workloads, users may need configurations with higher-end CPUs and Nvidia GPUs.

One of the positive aspects is the device's battery life, with almost 13 hours of light work and 13 hours 18 minutes of movie playback. However, the review suggests that models with higher-resolution screens may experience shorter battery life due to increased power consumption.

The ZBook Firefly G10 A receives an average total score of 3.5 out of 5, making it a suitable choice for businesses purchasing laptops for the office or those with employees requiring different workflows. However, it may not be the best fit for sole traders or small businesses without an IT department, and it's not ideal for gaming due to the use of Nvidia's studio graphics cards.

HP ZBook Firefly G10 A Review: A Suitable Business Laptop with Options for Different Workflows

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