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Google Teases Bard Advanced: A Sneak Peek into the Next-Gen AI Chatbot with Gemini Ultra

Google is preparing to launch Bard Advanced, an advanced AI chatbot powered by the robust Gemini Ultra large language model. The accidental glitch in Bard on Thursday provided a sneak peek into Bard Advanced, positioning it as a platform that delivers "more complex, better responses" compared to its predecessor, Bard. Users might soon have the option to choose between Bard for "simpler, faster responses" and Bard Advanced for more sophisticated interactions.

The key distinction lies in the underlying language models, with Bard utilizing Gemini Pro and Bard Advanced incorporating the powerful Gemini Ultra. This move is seen as a strategic competition with OpenAI's GPT-4. Google has hinted that Samsung will be among the first partners to test Gemini Ultra, emphasizing its commitment to delivering high-performance models for complex tasks.

While further details on Gemini Ultra are eagerly awaited, there is speculation surrounding the potential subscription-based model for Bard Advanced. Developer Bedros Pamboukian has suggested that users might be offered a three-month trial before deciding on a subscription-based service for continued access.

Moreover, hints from Bard's source code suggest a potential association between Bard Advanced and Google's subscription service, Google One. The source code reveals a broken Google One URL, leading to speculations that Bard Advanced might be bundled with a Google One subscription or offered as an independent purchase option.

As the AI landscape evolves, tech companies like Google are continually pushing the boundaries of natural language processing and AI capabilities. Bard Advanced, with its reliance on Gemini Ultra, represents Google's commitment to providing users with advanced language models that can offer intricate and superior responses. The accidental revelation has added to the anticipation surrounding the official launch of Bard Advanced and the features it will bring to the chatbot landscape.

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