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Google Pixel 8 Pro Introduces FDA-Certified Smart Thermometer for Precise Non-Contact Body Temperature Readings

In the recent feature update for the Google Pixel 8 Pro, an innovative addition has been introduced—a smart thermometer. This enhancement transforms the phone's infrared sensor, initially designed for measuring object temperatures, into a sophisticated tool for measuring body temperature conveniently and accurately.

The Pixel 8 Pro's body temperature sensor, situated near the rear camera, enables users to measure their body temperature effortlessly by swiping the phone across their forehead and scanning the temporal arteries. Google asserts that this method surpasses the accuracy of traditional forehead thermometers. The thermometer feature provides a temperature measurement range of 36.1°C – 40°C, coupled with clinical-grade accuracy of up to ±0.3°C. Rigorous clinical trials have validated the accuracy of this feature, aligning with FDA-certified temporal artery thermometers.

To further enhance the user experience, the Pixel 8 Pro incorporates an LDAF (laser detection and ranging) autofocus sensor, designed to detect the distance between the phone and the forehead before initiating measurement. This ensures optimal positioning for accurate temperature readings. Moreover, the addition of tactile feedback and voice commands guides users through the entire measurement process, making it not only accurate but also user-friendly.

The infrared sensor on the Pixel 8 Pro boasts a wide field of view, exceeding 130 degrees. However, for precise readings, the phone needs to be within 0.5 inches of the skin. It is noteworthy that this non-contact measurement method effectively prevents the spread of bacteria, aligning with current health and hygiene standards.

Google Pixel 8 Pro 'Temperature Sensor'

Google has undertaken a rigorous FDA De Novo classification process for the thermometer function, demonstrating its commitment to meeting medical device standards. This involved a comprehensive clinical validation study with a substantial number of participants, focusing on accuracy, safety, and ease of use. The FDA certification serves as a testament to the reliability of the thermometer. Importantly, the Pixel 8 Pro's smart thermometer operates seamlessly without requiring a network connection, allowing users to measure body temperature at any time and location, even in the absence of alternative thermometers.

Google Pixel 8 Pro Temperature Sensor Interface

In conclusion, the Google Pixel 8 Pro's smart thermometer represents a significant and valuable addition to the device's feature set. Offering users a hygienic, contactless, and accurate method for measuring body temperature, this enhancement aligns with contemporary health standards and showcases Google's dedication to innovation and user well-being.


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